9jaUpdate News Earning forum Registration process with just ₦1,600 [See]

9jaUpdate news earning forum is an affiliate marketing system that pays you for simple tasks you carried out online with amazing mouth watering offers. On this post you will get to know more about 9jaUpdate news earning forum, how to start earning immediately from 9jaUpdate ones you have successfully registered. Kindly read through for more information.

9jaUpdate news earning forum

9jaUpdate started her operation recently and as such, no stringent rules attached during withdrawal, you withdraw at your own convenient, with or without referrals. It is a media platform like Vanguard, Punch, Guardian newspapers e.t.c. The difference is that 9jaUpdate pays you for reading news.

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How do I start earning at 9jaUpdate news earning scheme?

When you register with 9jaUpdate News Earning forum, you earn as follows:

  • ₦50 daily for just logging into your 9jaUpdate account;
  • ₦2 for each news viewed. Don’t comment, just view and pass. You can view as many as you can, your #2 keeps adding;
  • ₦2 for each comment in a Post. Comment as much as you can, your #2 keeps adding;
  • ₦2 also when u reply someone’s comment;
  • ₦100 daily for posting news on your Facebook;
  • ₦100 for each post/news you submitted to 9jaUpdate forum;
  • You will earn ₦50, for purchase 9jaUpdate earning bundle;
  • 9jaUpdate will sum up all your earnings and pay into your bank account every weekend;
  • PREDICTION WEEK: ₦2000 is given each to the first 5 person with correct score to our weekly predictions. We also provide well analysed 2 odds for gamblers;
  • 5% of all your Earnings as end of year bonus;
  • Referral is optional;
  • Minimum of ₦5,000 withdrawal and withdrawal is done on Mondays while payment is on Saturdays and Sundays.

9jaUpdate news earning forum

How to register for 9jaUpdate forum

Registration is only ₦1,600 only which is for the purchase of coupon code through 9jaUpdate Coupon code vendor, no extra fee will be required ones you have completed your registration and payment ₦1,600. 9jaUpdate IS TOO legitimate.

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Estimation of your Earnings from 9jaUpdate

Let’s calculate your estimated earnings from 9jaUpdate news earning forum:

  • You make a comment on 300 posts per week ⇒ ₦2 x 300 = ₦600
  • You share our sponsored post for a week ⇒ ₦100 x 7 = ₦700
  • You refer 10 persons in a week ⇒ ₦800 x 10 = ₦8000
  • When your 8 refers 3 person each (8 x 3 = 24) i.e. ₦200 x 24 = 4800 (₦200 per indirect referral)
  • Daily login of ₦50 per day for 7 days ⇒ ₦50 x 7 = ₦350
  • Reading News of over 400 news for a week ⇒ ₦2 x 400 = ₦800
  • Posting news to 9jaUpdate ⇒ ₦50 per day = ₦50 x 7 = ₦350
  • You earn ₦100 per coupon sales. Let’s assume you sell 200 coupons per week 100 x ₦200 = ₦20,000.

Let’s do the Mathematics

600+700+8000+4800+350+800+350+20000 = 35,600.
You have just made ₦35,600 or more in a week.

Reasons you should join 9jaUpdate News Earning

  • You Get paid weekly;
  • Payment is instant to your ( local bank account);
  • No buying and selling;
  • Super fast site;
  • FULL NIP PAYMENT (no reduction, no subtraction);
  • No renewal of bundle;
  • You read, comments and earn from old news;

9jaupdate is seamless, affordable and highly recommendable. You can’t afford to miss this. If interested, chat me up by CLICKING HERE on how to get started.

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