Canadian Visa Application – How to Apply in Nigeria

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Canadian Visa Application can also be applied in Nigeria, when applying for Canadian Visa in Nigeria, there are some documents that will be required from you to submit. These are the documents required for a successful application for the Canadian Visa in Nigeria.

How to Apply for Canadian Visa in Nigeria

  • Download the Application Form IMM5257 here and the Family Information Form IMM5645 here and also complete the filling of the Form. There are questions that are required in the both Forms which you will be required to answer all. Write N/A if the question does not relate to you.
  • In a case that you will be followed by any family member, each of them should also fill their own forms too. Also, only the people who are 18 years and above are expected to fill the forms, the younger ones will be filled and signed by their parents and guardians.
  • In the Family Information Form, you are expected to fill in your children who are below 18 years even if you are travelling with them or not. Use additional forms if the family members are more than three.
  • Also include your contact details such as valid mail address and phone number(s). You should fill out the forms online and submit a print a printout including the 2D Barcode page.

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Documents Required

  1. Each person travelling should submit two (2) passport photographs not less than six (6) months old.
  2. An evidence of payment of the visa processing fee
  3. Original International Passport, the Passport must be Nigerian-issued. It should also have at least minimum of two blank visa pages and 6 months old validity.
  4. Previous travel evidence for everyone going.
  5. A letter explaining the reasons for travel, duration of stay, destination, and contact.
  6. Invitation letter from the person, school and business inviting you.
  7. Bank statement showing that you have enough money to sustain you throughout your stay in Canada.
  8. Proof of accommodation security.
  9. Self-addressed prepaid return courier envelope for your return.

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