Earn money online legally in Nigeria as an undergraduate or graduate fast and easy

It is notable that many people in the society are interested on how to earn money online legally in Nigeria. This article will be assisting us on the quest on building a stable and legal source of earning money online without much capital.

earn money online legally

Even as a student who is in school, a graduate, working class citizens wishing to know how to earn money online legally in Nigeria, you can make reasonable money staying at home. Another advantage of how to make money online is that you can earn some cash at your free time legally and genuine.

How to earn money online legally in Nigeria – tested and reliable ways


Blogging is one of the proven and trusted means of earning money online. How to do this is that you have to own a website, share relevant, popular topics that will make you get as many page views as possible. The site should contain articles that can generate traffic. Blogging needs a lot of patience and time before the pay starts coming. All you need to do is keep posting regularly and share to friends on social media and other places. After you have been able to generate traffic for your website, you can convert it to a means of making money through Pay per Click and advertise products to earn money.

Affiliating Marketing

This is by advertising companies’ products and getting a commission when someone buys the product. The more products you sell, the more money you get. To start this, you have to look for a trade to market online. When a person click and buys the product, you get your pay. An example of marketing sites is Clickbank. You can also build a site for your products, create a link, and then start marketing your goods.


YouTube is world’s largest video-sharing community where people watch videos and learn a lot of things. The only things required here is making YouTube videos. Upload educating and interesting videos that can generate lots of views, create a channel, enable your channel to generate money through Google AdSense and begin to make money.


Is one of the easiest means of earning money online, it is done by giving services to businesses and clients online. You can work Part-time or Full-time at home. Terms of your contracts can be set on this method and do multiple jobs at same time. Freelancing service that you can offer are web design, Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), Graphic Designs, Social Media Marketing, Article Writing, Email Marketing, Web Development, etc. To be a Freelancer, you need to create a profile with any of the marketplaces mentioned in the next paragraph.

Content Writing

If you are a good writer, you can write articles for others as freelancer. Freelancer writers are being paid according to the number and the levels of articles they write. The more articles you write, the more you Earn money online. You can sign up for any of these freelancer marketplaces: Guru, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, iWriter, Toptal, simplyhired, Project4hire, Upwork, Freelancer.

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