IPPIS 2020 Verification Exercise and How to Register [See This Update]

This is to inform the general public that the IPPIS 2020 Verification Exercise, is ongoing at the verification website. On this post, it will assist you on how you can register for the IPPIS Registration and Verification. Kindly see below and follow the instructions listed here to successfully apply.

IPPIS 2020 Verification Exercise


IPPIS which stands for Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System is a transforming programme initiated by the Nigerian Federal Government with the purpose of creating a centered database of Nigerian Public Service with accurate source of Employees’ information which provides integration with other business.

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Why it is IPPIS Necessary?

  1. It ensures that workers’ salaries are paid directly into their bank accounts with exact deduction for Tax, Pension, Union dues, Bank loans, etc.;
  2. It also provides a database to help the Federal Government’s’ decision making and manpower planning;
  3. Prevents leakage and wastage in the payment of workers’ salaries accurately;
  4. IPPIS also stores workers’ payment records and dictates payments against budgets;

This article will help you know how to fill the IPPIS Registration and Verification form online through the registration portal here. It is a step-by-step process which needs detailed explanations, hence this post.

How to generate IPPIS Verification 2020 Token

  • Log on to the registration website at verification.ippis.gov.ng;
  • Click on “GET TOKENtab on the site as on the image shown below;
  • Fill and submit the registration form.

How to Register for IPPIS 2020 Verification Exercise

  • Log on the website again at verification.ippis.gov.ng;
  • Type in your IPPIS number and type the Captcha text shown;
  • Fill in the required information then log in.

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NOTE: After registration and printing of slip, you will not be allowed to make changes in your data due to mistake. If need be that you will have to correct anything, kindly contact your HR.

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