Loom Money Cash Out Registration Guide | Get 8 Times your Money [See This]

Loom money cash out is a pair to pair ponzi scheme where a member is paired to another member. Do you want to know if Loom money cash out is real or not? See this information here.

Loom money cash out

As said earlier, Loom money is a pair to pair scheme. Members are paired to another member to make payment while the other will be paid by another member. It is more like a chain ponzi scheme.

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How Loom Money Cash out Works

Do you want to register? You need to understand how Loom money cash out works and their mode of payment.

When you register with #1,000 you will be paid #8,000. That is, you will get 8 times any amount you put in. 8 members will pay you when you register. Is it not interesting?

Loom money plans

Starter – #1000 to get #8000

Basic – #5000 to get #40,000

Standard – #13,000 to get #104,000

Professional – #25,000 to get #200,000

Master – #50,000 to get #400,000

Premium – #100,000 to get #800,000

When you register in any of the listed plans above, the system will automatically pair you with 8 members in the same plan with you to make payments to you.

How to Register

To register, log on to www.loomcashout.com, and fill in the registration form. Make your first payment to your paired member then wait for your payback in hours

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  • Your account will be activated immediately your payment is confirmed;
  • You will be given specific time to make payment when you are paired to another member of Loom Money.
  • Any member that faults any of the scheme rules and regulations will be banned from the scheme.

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