Netflix Account Creation Steps | How to Sign Up, Sign In and Cancel Plans

What’s up guys how are you doing today, and I know you very fine. Anyway, welcome to this post on Netflix Account Creation Steps. This post on Netflix Account Creation Steps will teach you a lot today. All you need to do is to ensure that you read through this post and use the guide here to create your own Netflix Account with ease.

Netflix Account Creation

That being said, if you want to know more about Netflix and how you can get a free account, then this guide is for you. Also on this post we shall talk on how to sign up to your Netflix Account, how to sign in, what Netflix is and so much more on this post today.

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What Is Netflix?

Netflix is an online TV streaming service that allows users to access and stream various kinds of movies and TV contents such as TV shows, TV series, movies documentaries, and more on their devices connected to the Internet. With Netflix, you will never miss out of any newly released movie and you will also have access to stream thousands upon thousands of movies using the Netflix platform.

Basically, Netflix is all you will need when it comes to online TV streaming, Netflix is number one. Movies are being added back-to-back on Netflix so no need to worry if you are looking for new movies and TV shows to watch or download.

Different Netflix Plans?

When you sign up to Netflix there is a free 30 days trial period in which you won’t have to pay a dime to stream movies for the first month. However, when the 30 days free trial period is over you can now decide to cancel your subscription and stop using Netflix. Isn’t it awesome? there are basically or Netflix basically has 3 types of plans users can subscribe to. Which are:

  1. Basic plan
  2. Standard plan
  3. Premium plan

These plans determine how many people can use and the quality of movies you get on them. The Netflix plans are on a monthly basis, and the plans can be changed or upgraded whenever the user likes.

Netflix Account Charges – How Much Netflix Cost

As usual, the three different types of Netflix subscriptions or plans have different prices and features attached to them. And like I said earlier, the subscription or plans are on a monthly basis.

The basic plan cost 7.99USD per month and you get to watch it on your laptop, phone, tablet, TV, etc. You will also have access to unlimited movies and TV shows. You can cancel it at any time, also get the first month free.

The standard subscription cost 9.99USD per month and providing you with HD movies, streaming on your laptop, TV, phone or a tablet and also unlimited of movies and TV shows, series, etc. You can also cancel this plan at anytime and of course and you get the first month free too.

While the premium plan is 11.99USD per month and for this, you get all the features in the other plans plus ultra HD movies and also works on up to four (4) screens at the same time. If you ask me I’ll say this is a good run for your money, especially when compared to the quality of content and features you get.

Netflix Account Creation Steps – Sign Up

To sign up to the Netflix platform is a pretty simple but tedious process to carry out. The process of signing up to Netflix is carefully listed below:

  • Visit the Netflix sign up page;
  • Now click on SEE THE PLANS;
  • Then select a plan by clicking on it and hit CONTINUE at the bottom;
  • Click on CONTINUE again when you get to the create account page;
  • Enter your email and create a password and click on CONTINUE;
  • Enter your credit card or debit card information, or use your PayPal account or you can choose to use a Netflix gift card. click on any of the options you want;
  • Now choose your preferred plan again;
  • Now click on Start membership;
  • Input your mobile number and click on CONTINUE;
  • Select a pertinent device icon which would like to use with your Netflix account;
  • Click on CONTINUE;
  • Enter your details like your name and any other required detail;
  • And click on the blue CONTINUE icon;
  • Now you can choose any program you like and start your streaming.

Process is a little bit hard but not too hard however following the steps one at a time will get you through. Also feel free to go back to any step you miss and continue from there.

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Netflix Account Sign In

To sign in to your Netflix Account and watch movies, kindly follow these steps too:

  • Open the Netflix login page on your browser;
  • Type in your username or phone number and your password;
  • Finally, tap on sign in button.

Once you have tapped on the sign-in button you will be logged into your account provided you have one.

Cancel Netflix Subscription

You can Cancel Netflix subscription if your one-month free trial is over or your subscription is over. Amazingly, paid or free plans can be canceled. If you want to cancel your plan or subscription, below is the process that shows how to cancel your Netflix subscription.

  • Now sign into your Netflix account;
  • Tap or click on the Downward-facing arrow at the top right corner of the screen or page which is next to your profile name;
  • Now select Account section;
  • Where you find membership and billing, you will find the Cancel Membership box under it. Click on the Cancel Membership;
  • Finally, tap on Finish cancellation. this will confirm that you are canceling your account.

Netflix Account Sharing

You can share your Netflix account with more than one device and stream or watch movies on Netflix simultaneously with one account. However depending on your plan, you are limited. On the basic plan, you can only share or use one device to watch Netflix, on the standard plan you can share two devices and finally on the premium plan you can share with up to four different screens or devices with the same account.

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