Newspay news reading platform | Full guide on how to register with 1600

Newspay news reading platform is a news sharing platform that gathers news from events all around the world for you to read and get paid in return. Newspay benefits from your participation with them and constant reading and commenting on news on the site.

Newspay news reading platform

In every news you read on Newspay news reading platform, Newspay get paid of which you will receive a share depending on how often you read news.

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Reasons why you should join NewsPay news reading platform

  1. Newspay is fully registered with FGN with CAC no ED64245;
  2. You Get paid weekly;
  3. Payment is instant to your (local bank account);
  4. No buying and selling;
  5. Super fast site;
  6. Full NIP payment (no reduction, no subtraction);
  7. No renewal of bundle;
  8. You read, comments and earn from old news;
  9. Newspay is seamless, affordable and highly recommendable. You can’t afford to miss this.

How to earn on Newspay news reading platform

  1. You earn #30 once you register as welcome bonus;
  2. You earn #50 for logging in daily;
  3. You earn #2 daily for daily visit. This is different from daily login bonus;
  4. You earn #2 for reading each news;
  5. You earn #2 for commenting under each news;
  6. You earn an additional #2 for replying on someone’s comment. That is, 2+2+2 gives #6 to earn from each post;
  7. You earn #100 for sharing a sponsored post on your Facebook or Twitter timeline daily;
  8. You earn #1,000 referral bonus for each person you refer (referral is optional).

How to earn #800 daily without referrals on Newspay

Here is what I do everyday to achieve that:

  • I login in the morning, giving me #52 instantly;
  • I make just 60 comments and replies in the morning. That gives me 6 * 60 = #360;
  • I go and watch movies or do something else, to have the zeal for more comments at night;
  • At night, I make another 60 comments and replies, giving me another round of 6 * 60 = #360;
  • I then share the sponsored post on my Facebook and Twitter, and get another #100;
  • So overall I get: 52 + 360 + 360 + 100 which is #872 everyday.

And the good news is that if you are not as lazy as I am, you can do more and warm much more than I do.

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Mode of payment

Payout is weekly, with a minimum of #5,000 of the sum of your earnings. Which means so long as the sum of all your earnings is up to #5,000, you can apply for withdrawal.

How to register

  • To register, you only need to sign up with a token of #1,600 (which you can recover in 2 to 3 days of reading news and commenting);
  • The #1,600 is for purchase a registration coupon code only from approved coupon code distributors.


  1. Note there is no free account in newspay income you must be ready to start earning;
  2. Referral is optional for withdrawal on NewsPay.



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