Nigerian Army Past Question and Answer PDF Download for Recruitment Exam

Nigerian Army Past Question and Answer 2020 – Did you apply for the Nigerian Army recruitment exercise 2020 and your name have been shortlisted for exam? If yes then you will be needing a question and answer.

Nigerian Army Past Question and Answer

Recruitment Gist Admin has put together this post to help applicants of the Nigerian Army recruitment 2020 get to know how the recruitment exam will look like. The Nigerian Army Past Question and Answer is a compilation of questions and answers from previous recruitment exams. A PDF file for this has also been provided for applicants here. 

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Nigerian Army Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for Recruitment Exercise 2020

Here are the first 10 questions from the PDF file of the Nigerian Army Past Question and Answer 2020. Attempt any of these questions to know how fit you are for the exam. 

1. SON means:
(a) The male child of a couple
(b) Son of the great Notredemus
(c) Standards Organization of Nigeria
(d) None of the above

2. AIE in Finance and Accounts means:
(A) Authority to Incur Expenses
(B) Authority to Incur Expenditure
(C) Authority to Involve Experts
(D) Authority to Incure Expenses

3. NHIS means
(a) National Health Insurance Scheme
(b) Nigerian Health Insurance Scheme
(c) National Health Insurance Sector
(d) Nigerian Health Insurance Sector

4. In the Marxist theory, those who live by selling their labour are called
(a) Bourgeoisie
(b) Proletariats
(c) Feudal lords
(d) Slaves

5. Which of the following is NOT an acceptable means of achieving democracy
(a) Referendum
(b) Recall
(c) Initiative
(d) Plesbicites

6 A bill that applies to the whole population and is intended to promote the general welfare is called
(a) A private bill
(b) A decree
(c) An Appropriation bill
(d) A public deal

7. Under the 1963 republican constitution, the president exercised
(a) judicial power
(b) executive power
(c) nominal power
(d) concurrent powers

8. The principal of federal character was first enunciated in the
(a) 1989 constitution
(b) 1963 constitution
(c) 1999 constitution
(d) 1979 constitution

9. A major issue that distinguishes pressure groups from political parties is
(a) membership
(b) the objective
(c) the voting pattern
(d) the ideology

10. Equality before the law is component of
(a) separation of powers
(b) checks and balanced
(c) the rule of law
(d) constitutional law

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How to get Nigerian Army Past Question and Answer

To get the full version of the Nigerian Army recruitment 2020 Past Questions and Answers in PDF format, applicants are required to take these steps

Pay the sum of ₦2,000 into any Fidelity Bank near you. Account name: Odo Chukwuka Victor; Account Number: 0449728490; Bank: GTBank or call 07063488151 for more on how to get the Past questions and Answers;

Then send a picture of your payment slip to with caption “I want Nigerian Army Past Question and Answer”. The message will contain your name, phone number, then the picture of your payment slip in an attachment.

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