NPS Salary Scale According to Rank in Office from Lowest to the Highest

This post will show you the NPS salary scale for all aspiring applicants of Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS) Recruitment exercise 2020. Here you are sure to get the exact pay role of Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) according to ranks in offices and service year. Kindly read through to get the full information here.

NPS Salary Scale


The Nigeria Prisons Service is a governmental body that operates and takes charge of the Nigerian Prisons and Prisoners all over the country. They have their headquarters in Abuja.

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The Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS) salary scale is done according to rank in offices, starting from the lowest to the highest. Their payment mode is different from all other paramilitary bodies and military personnel in the country such as the Nigerian Air Force, Customs, Nigeria Fire Service, Nigerian Army, Nigeria Police Force, etc.

Nigeria Prisons Service salary scale

The Federal Government has mapped out a new salary scale for all the paramilitary agencies in the government of which the Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS) is not exclusive. The NPS is paid according to rank in offices.

The Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Scale Structure (CONPASS) is an agency that provides increment in the basic salary scale and allowance for all paramilitary organizations and Nigeria Prisons Service. Let’s go now the basic payment method of the Nigeria Prisons Service from lowest to the highest officer:

  • The average salary of Nigeria Prisons Service Officer is Eight Hundred Thousand Naira (₦800,000) – One Million Naira (₦1,000,000) which is approximately Fifty Thousand Naira (₦50,000) every month.
  • The highest paid officer is the Controller General of Nigeria Prison Service, followed by the Deputy Controller Generals, then Assistant General;
  • According to the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Scale Structure (CONPASS), it was stated that the basic salary scale of officer in Grade Level 07 has automatically moved to Grade Level 08. This means that the salary scale of the Nigeria Prison Service is growing.

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