NYSC 2018 Batch B Call Up Letter | Guided steps here on how to print here

Prospective NYSC 2018 Batch B corps members are expected to login the NYSC registration portal to print their call up letter as the portal is now open. This post will assist you on the steps to take before printing NYSC 2018 Batch B call up letter. All you need to do is to follow me as I guide you on how to do this. Prospective corps members that did not pay during their online registration will collect their call up letters from their respective institutions of graduation.

NYSC 2018 Batch B

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NYSC 2018 Batch B – How to Print call up Letter from portal

  1. Log in NYSC 2018 Batch B registration portal at http://portal.nysc.org.ng/;
  2. To login, enter your registered Email address and Password;
  3. Click on Print Call Up Letter tab to enable you print your call up letter;


  • Prospective corps members should come to camp with: Statement of result, Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) certificates, or a valid means of identification from institution of graduation;
  • Foreign applicants (i.e. Nigeria citizens that schooled and graduated from other countries) should come to camp for verification all their uploaded documents and travel documents;
  • Also, foreign candidates whose certificates or credentials are in other languages other than English Language should ensure that such documents and credential are translated to English Language. Both versions of documents must be presented for verification;
  • Graduates from Medical/Veterinary Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists Nurses, Dentists, Optometrists, and Public Environmental Health should come with their respective certificate of registration issued by their professional bodies or professional licenses.

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