Sairui Mall Financial Empowerment Programme 2020 Application Form

Applications are invited from the general public for Sairui Mall Financial Empowerment Programme 2020. This is a guide to know how to apply for this financial empowerment programme coming your way and start earning in not less than 10 days.

Sairui Mall Financial Empowerment Programme 2020

Sairui is the perfect E-commerce company that link the manufacturers and customers together to create a shopping link between them, based on the internet marketing in a way to integrate productions, sales and circulation of goods through a big data.

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Sairui Mall Financial Empowerment Programme 2020

E-commerce Is the exchange of goods commercially transact through, konga, etc. Sairui Mall are of two folds, they are Traditional e-commerce and social e-commerce.

Sairui Mall Financial Empowerment Programme 2020 is a branch of business which focuses on the exchange of products and services, and includes all those activities which encourages exchange in some way or the other. Goods can be inspected before purchase but limited to some area.

Sairui Mall Company creates enabling environment for the customers to get a high quality of products and allowed the customers to participate in the new retail and wholesale, equally trades to make more money.

The customers will purchase from the new retails and enjoy the benefit of the wholesale price.

Each of the wholesale purchase gives a total of (2) quota at which you will re-sale it at the retail price over the internet.

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Sairui Mall Business and it’s Benefits

Sairui Mall Company is a home based network where system does the work for you. Make Residual Income Daily, Weekly & Monthly for your Financial Freedom. Here are some benefits for participants:

  1. Chain store profit (3% one down-lines)
  2. Direct Sharing profit” Referral Bonus (20% one time)
  3. Service Profit (12% daily)
  4. Chain Service Profit (20%, 50%, 75% & 100%)

The official Website of Sairuimall is The CEO of Sairuimall  is Mr Yuan based in China, Ghana, Cameron, etc.

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