University of calabar 31st convocation ceremony – latest information

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University of Calabar 31st Convocation information to Grandaunts and other things which the students should know regarding to the Ceremony. The Authorities of the institution has released some important information to all Grandaunts as regards to the coming event

Here is the Information

Academic Gowns

The gowns will be obtained from Faculty Officers on the payment of a deposit of N5,000.00 which a refund of N2,000.00 would be made to the students on the return of the Gowns. Gowns not returned on or before 30th May, 2018 will attract a fine N2,000.00 per day.


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For Graduate School Grandaunts, the following will apply

  1. Hiring of Graduate Gowns
  • Ph.D – N10,000.00
  • Masters – N10,000.00
  • PGD – N10,000.00
  1. Outright purchase of the Academic Gowns:
  • Masters: New Gown – N25,000.00
  • Ph.D: New Gown – N42,000.00; Old Gown – N35,000.00

Invitation Cards to Parents or Guardians

Two invitation cards will be given to all the Grandaunts by the Faculty Officer meaning that each Grandaunt is expected to have two guests only.


  1. Grandaunts are to be fully robbed on their Gowns and seated at the Abraham Ordia Sports stadium on or before 9:30am. Any Grandaunt who is not robbed won’t be allowed into the venue for the ceremony.
  2. Nobody (including the Grandaunts and the Parents) will be allowed to enter the ceremony venue after 9:15am.
  3. Photographers that will be allowed into the Stadium are ONLY the ones that have been accredited. Closing date for accreditation of Photographers is 12 noon Friday 11th May, 2018.
  4. All small-scale business operators which include food and drink vendors, video operators, clothes and shoe retailers, photographers, etc. wishing to do their business inside the campus are to pay N3,000.00 to any Commercial Bank with the University of Calabar CBN Remita. Account No: 0050217461078 from Monday 30th April, 2018. The teller that is going to be given to you at the Bank, forward it to the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics) for the issuance of receipt for such payment.
  5. Other sizes of business (medium-large scale) will pay N50,000.00 – N100,000.00, as case maybe into the same account mentioned above.
  6. Every vehicle that will enter the campus on the day of the ceremony will pay N1,000.00 as parking permit fee. Members of the University of Calabar Community will be allowed entry ONLY when they present a valid University of Calabar ID Card. Everyone is advised to comply with the instructions to avoid being embarrassed.

University of Calabar Administration looks forward to welcoming all their Grandaunts and their well-wishers to this great occasion.

For enquiries on the University of Calabar 31st Convocation Ceremony should be directed to the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics – (08035458641), the Chairman, The Registrar of the University or the CPC.

You can also visit the website of the school for more information about the school at and official Email address,

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